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Combi Boilers

Combi Boilers
Combi; These are devices that heat the hot tap water and the heating water in a single system and offer ease of use as a single package with its pump and heat exchanger. Condensing boilers and Electric boilers are the most popular combi boilers.
Eca Proteus Premix 24 kw HM ErP - (Full Condensing Combi Boiler)Eca Proteus Premix 24 kw HM ErP - (Full Condensing Combi Boiler)
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Brand: EcaModel: ECAKOMBİ15
ECA PROTEUS PREMIX CONDENSING COMBI 24 KW - 20.000 kcal / h Capacity It can be used in individual-type houses, workplaces and offices, in all areas where heating is needed with a net area of 0-140 m2 for 24 kW. Used with natural gas It is compact and small in size. It is very affordable compared to ..
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