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Boiler Six Magnetic Filter-Magnet Boiler Filter

Boiler Six Magnetic Filter-Magnet Boiler Filter
Boiler Six Magnetic Filter-Magnet Boiler Filter
Boiler Six Magnetic Filter-Magnet Boiler Filter
Boiler Six Magnetic Filter-Magnet Boiler Filter
Boiler Six Magnetic Filter-Magnet Boiler Filter
Boiler Six Magnetic Filter-Magnet Boiler Filter
Boiler Six Magnetic Filter-Magnet Boiler Filter
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Renotto Magy Combi Magnetic Filter - Magnetic Dirt Holder

With the Magnetic (Magnet) Combi Filter, you can bid farewell to the formation of iron powdered slime and sludge on the pump, heat exchanger and 3-way valves of your boiler. This product must be used in all combi boilers in Europe. It collects the dirt in the installation and allows it to be cleaned easily. With clean installation, your fuel will decrease and you will save 25%. The benefits of a clean installation do not end with counting. One of these is the prolongation of the life of your combi boilers and combs. It is recommended to be used especially in installations where combi boilers and honeycombs are used.

Super compact
Holds all particles
Prevents further corrosion in the Heating Circuit
Keeps optimum system efficiency constant
It extends the life of your combi boiler, installation and honeycombs
Diameter: Ø25 - 25 mm
Thanks to its effective and continuous effect, the magnetic filter collects all impurities in the system, preventing them from circulating in the installation, thus preventing the rest of the components that make up the system circulators and heat exchangers from corrosion and damage.

The main cause of heating system failure is water contamination. Especially in systems with panel radiators, metal dust and sludge formation can be seen by water abrasion to metal. However, this sludge formation is frequently experienced in pex pipe installations without oxygen barrier.

When the water flow enters the lter, it enters the fi lter chamber and then in 3 phases, any water pollution harmful to the heating system is caught inside the fi lter chamber.

First of all, due to the larger chamber diameter compared to the inlet pipe, the water flow rate is reduced. Magnetic particles are held in the magnetic field created by the magnet. Non-magnetic particles such as sand will accumulate at the bottom of the lter due to the decrease in the velocity of water and gravity. Eventually, non-magnetic particles larger than 0.8 mm in diameter will be captured in the stainless style lter, and the lter will deliver pure water without any impurities.

The filter ensures that pure water is circulated throughout the system and there is no system malfunction during MAGY presence in the return circuit.

It is important that the cleaning process is done at least once a year. In the case of the first application, it is recommended to apply the cleaning procedure after one month.

Before cleaning MAGY, make sure that the working environment is safe. First turn off your boiler and allow the water in the system to reach room temperature. Close the water inlet (and outlet) ball valve of the filter. Place a suitable container under the filter and by hand or using a 23mm hand wrench, open the lter capping cap as required and let the water drain completely into the pan. Then remove the capping cap and fi lter net completely. Thoroughly clean the magnet cover with a soft cloth and thoroughly rinse the filter net under the tap to remove all dirt. Make sure the O-ring gasket is not damaged; replace if necessary. Reassemble the filter in reverse order. Make sure there are no leaks before startup. Consider the maximum torque for the closing cap tightening to be 10 to 12 Nm. Open the valves and refill the circuit if necessary. Finally, turn on your boiler. You will no longer have to worry about your installation getting dirty for a year.

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