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White Teflon Tape - StandardWhite Teflon Tape - Standard
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Brand: BezeModel: TEFLON01
WHITE TEFLON TAPE - SMALL SIZE Easy-to-use wrapped teflon tape to seal threaded plumbing materials. It is used in all threaded connections in liquid and air lines. It is suitable for drinking water lines. Use of For 1/2 "- 3/4" diameter pipes / threads, at least 2 layers should be wrapped. In 3/4 "-..
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Natural Gas and Lpg Teflon TapeNatural Gas and Lpg Teflon Tape
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Brand: BezeModel: TEFLON02
NATURAL GAS TEFLON SEALING TAPE It is an easy product to use yellow teflon tape applied to the teeth in natural gas and LPG gear installations. Natural Gas Teflon Tape, gas teflon tape for sealing in gasoline, petroleum oils, gas and natural gas connections. Technicial Specifications Width: 12 mm De..
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Brand: BezeModel: MACUN01
NATURAL GAS AND INSTALLATION SEALING PASTE 400 gr Katodix Sealing Paste Generally used in natural gas and water installations. It is a paste that is applied on the linen after the linen winding and makes it easier to tighten the threads opened with the thread and then fill the gaps of the linen and ..
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Eco Acrylic Packaging Tape 45mm * 80mEco Acrylic Packaging Tape 45mm * 80m
Brand: BezeModel: koli-bant-eco-4580
ECO ACRYLIC BOX TAPE Acrylic packing tapes produced from an acrylic adhesive are a type of duct tape specially developed for use on nylon and plastic surfaces. It is very difficult to tear these products with your hand, which have fast adhesion and strong holding feature. Band Width: 45 mm Tape Leng..
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