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Eca Şiber Valve 3/4 -DN20

Eca Şiber Valve 3/4 -DN20
Eca Şiber Valve 3/4 -DN20
Eca Şiber Valve 3/4 -DN20
Eca Şiber Valve 3/4 -DN20
Eca Şiber Valve 3/4 -DN20
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Şiber Valve; It is the valve installed in front of and behind the water meters requested by the pier or water management directorate in water installations. Locks are stipulated as they are easy to make.
Şiber Vanada; The opening-closing process is achieved by rotating a conical cross-section slide valve perpendicular to the flow direction with the help of a screwed shaft and flywheel and moving it up and down. Cyber valves open counterclockwise and close clockwise. It is designed to give full way to the fluid passing through it or to shut it down.
Its use outside of this position causes vibration in the valve. In addition, these valves are designed with the metal conical sectioned valve fitting to the valve body with the same cross section.
As it provides metal-to-metal sealing, the valve surface is subject to the risk of being corroded by the fluid in time when used in half open positions
Leakage problems may be encountered in the future. Therefore, it is not recommended to be used as a throttle valve. As a Throttle Valve, you should examine the pressure reducing valves. Pipe in fully open position
It is an almost lossless valve since it gives the same or more fluid transition cross-sectional area with its inner diameter. Since the valve does not act against the fluid pressure during opening and closing, there is no difficulty in turning the flywheel. Since the opening of the valve is slow, they do not cause water (hammer) hammer in high pressure installations. It offers the advantage of mounting in narrow volumes due to its narrow body. There is no arrow on the valve body indicating the flow direction. Entry and exit can be the desired party.
Uses: Non-acidic; It is used in fluid circuits such as water, air, petroleum products, alcohol. Oxygen and so on; Do not use in flammable gas circuits.
Technical specifications:
• Conforms to TS EN 12288

• Working Pressure: 16 bar

• Max. Working Temperature: 90 ° C

Valve Gear Type and Diameter: Internal Thread - 3/4 "(DN20)

• Eca Product Code: 601003002

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