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Brand: VaillantStock: In Stock
FILLING TAP HEAD (Plastic Part) * Screwless. * Color may vary depending on White, Gray or Black stock status. * Compatible with Vaillant Vuw model combi boilers. * Filling valve head..
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Brand: ViessmannStock: In Stock
Viessmann Wireless Program Room Thermostat (7784189) The new adjustable room thermostat that Viessmann has put on the market as an economical and wireless It is compatible with all current Viessmann combi boiler models. If the boiler is taken before commissioning, it can be activated free of charge by the authorized service. Note: It is important that the wireless communication module is installed very close to the boiler by the customer. The current room temperature can be seen on the LCD displ..
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Brand: VaillantStock: In Stock
Vaillant Vrt15 Wired Mechanical Room Thermostat Its mechanical nature ensures that it is not affected by digital losses. It is in the form of a dial that everyone can understand and use. It does not need batteries. Compatible with all combi boilers Room temperature control capability in the range of 10-30 ºC Easy to install on the wall Mechanical Room Thermostat On / off operation Wired connection Easy to use Cable Requirement: Requires Cable Connection Display Type: Manual (Manual Dial) Working..
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Brand: DiğerStock: In Stock
Natural Gas Emergency Warning Tape (187 Written) - 20 cm x 250 meters It is sold as a ball. This tape is 20 cm wide, which is laid on the natural gas transit lines for a warning warning. 1 Ball is 250 meters. There are 187 natural gas emergency letters on it. It is at the standards accepted by gas distribution companies...
Auer Micra Combi Water Filling Tap-Micra-Baymak BaxiAuer Micra Combi Water Filling Tap-Micra-Baymak Baxi
Brand: BaymakStock: In Stock
COMBI WATER FILLING TAP (Suitable for Baymak Baxi, Eco3, Eco4, Eco5, Auer Micra Combi Boilers) It is the filling tap with the dial button that you use to pump water from your boiler to the heating system. It provides compatibility with Baxi, ECO models and AUER Micra models in BAYMAK combi boilers. With a screw, you can remove the old one and install the new one immediately. Boiler water filling taps can be broken from the head after a period of use or they can deteriorate so that they can no lo..
Brand: VaillantStock: In Stock
Vaillant Vrt35F Wireless Mechanical Room Thermostat Compatible with all combi boilers Room temperature control capability in the range of 5-35 ºC Easy to install on the wall Digital room thermostat On / off operation Wireless connection Easy to use Cable Requirement: Wireless (RF) Display Type: With Digital Display Working Principle: On / Off Weekly Schedule: No No Internet connection..
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Eca TPI Controlled On-Off Room Thermostat-DT90-With Digital CableEca TPI Controlled On-Off Room Thermostat-DT90-With Digital Cable
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Brand: EcaStock: In Stock
ECA TPI CONTROLLED WIRED ROOM THERMOSTAT With its superior TPI control algorithm, your combi reaches the desired temperature by operating for a shorter time and consuming less energy. Temperature fluctuations are minimized and your combi is not ignited unnecessarily unlike 0.1 degree precision thermostats. 700 690 2502 On / Off Digital Compatible Combi Boilers: All Combi Boilers Display: LCD Connection: Wired (You need to draw a cable between the boiler and the thermostat) Model: DT90B1019 Progr..
25.92$ 27.73$
Eca 5/7 Düz Havlupan Beyaz I Havlu Kurutucu Radyatör I BanyopanEca 5/7 Düz Havlupan Beyaz I Havlu Kurutucu Radyatör I Banyopan
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Brand: EcaStock: In Stock
ECA WHITE TOWEL / BANYOPAN It is generally used in the bathrooms of living spaces such as homes and workplaces. It is also suitable for a stylish appearance in kitchens. You can use it in water system heating installations with the help of your master. It is used in places such as homes, workplaces, schools, sports halls with individual or central system heating installations, and especially in bathrooms and kitchens. It is installed in the heating system like a radiator. The only difference is ..
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Combi Condensate Drainage Hose - 150 cmCombi Condensate Drainage Hose - 150 cm
Brand: DiğerStock: In Stock
BELLOWED DRAIN HOSE FOR CONDENSING BOILERS BRIEF FEATURES HOSE SIZE: 150 cm RESISTANCE: Resistant to acidic water COMPATIBILITY: It is compatible for all condensing boilers. It is produced to connect the acidic water in condensing boilers to the drain. To drain the condensation water in places with condensing boilers. For draining the waste water of washing machines. For draining the waste water of dishwashers. You can easily wear it yourself, you do not need to call a master for this job. With ..
Brand: KaldeStock: In Stock
TAP EXTENSION CHROME Diameter: DN15 - 1/2 " Color: Chromed Quality: 1st Class Length: 2.0 cm It is made of chrome and quality yellow brass material. Sometimes there is no space left for the installation of taps in the installation nozzle and mouths left in your installations. In such cases, you can use chrome faucet extensions to extend the taps inside the tiles. You can use it not only for faucet taps, but also in places where 1/2 "diameter radiator valves do not reach the cores. It is used for..
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Brand: KasStock: In Stock
MUSCLE SELF FILTER FULL BORE BALL VALVE WITH BUTTERFLY HANDLE Valve Shape: Butterfly Handle Full Bore Ball Type Valve Inlet Diameter: 1/2 "Dn15 (Female) Outlet Diameter: 1/2 Dn15 (Male) Using Self-Filtering Ball Valve Self-Filtering Ball Valve occupies less space than normal valves and is easy to use and install. Filter valves are generally used under combi boilers. The filter ball valve is a quarter turn valve that uses a perforated rotating ball to control the flow through it. It is closed whe..
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Natural Gas and Lpg Teflon TapeNatural Gas and Lpg Teflon Tape
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Brand: BezeStock: In Stock
NATURAL GAS TEFLON SEALING TAPE It is an easy product to use yellow teflon tape applied to the teeth in natural gas and LPG gear installations. Natural Gas Teflon Tape, gas teflon tape for sealing in gasoline, petroleum oils, gas and natural gas connections. Technicial Specifications Width: 12 mm Depth: 0.1 mm Length: 8 meters..
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Beykoç Fully Automatic Pipe Shears Spare BladeBeykoç Fully Automatic Pipe Shears Spare Blade
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Brand: DiğerStock: In Stock
FULLY AUTOMATIC PIPE CUTTING SHEAR SPARE KNIFE It is a spare blade produced for Bey-Koç Mavi Pipe Shears. * Very long-lasting super chisel carbon steel blade can be changed easily and quickly, even if it gets dull. * SUITABLE FOR M42 * 100% Domestic Production * There is a 1 year manufacturer's warranty. * Easily cut pp-rc, pp-r composite, pvc, pp-r foiled and pex pipes...
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