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Pratik Koli Bant Kesme Aparatı - Siyah Bant-KesPratik Koli Bant Kesme Aparatı - Siyah Bant-Kes
Brand: DiğerModel: bant-kes-02
BOX BAND CUTTING TOOL TAPE CUTTING MACHINE (Excluding Band) With the Parcel Tape Cutter Apparatus - Practical Tape Cutting Tool, you will not need to buy an additional machine for parcel tape. You can easily attach the parcel tape to the cutting device and start using it immediately. Used on all par..
Difix Tüp Gres Yağı 50 gr (Çok Amaçlı)Difix Tüp Gres Yağı 50 gr (Çok Amaçlı)
Brand: DiğerModel: difix-gres-50
Difix Natural Gas Paste 50 Grams - Tube Putty Difix Natural Gas Paste Product features Gross Weight: 50 Grams Since it is in the tube, it provides comfortable use and prevents waste. Usage Areas: It is used in 1st, 2nd and 3rd type natural gas installations, LPG installations, Gas installations, Ho..
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