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Mars M100 Voltage Protector Socket

Mars M100 Voltage Protector Socket
Mars M100 Voltage Protector Socket
Mars M100 Voltage Protector Socket
Mars M100 Voltage Protector Socket
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Mars M100 Voltage Protector Socket
Mars M100 Voltage Protector Socket
Mars M100 Voltage Protector Socket
Mars M100 Voltage Protector Socket
Mars M100 Voltage Protector Socket
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This Socket Type Device is a device that protects the card circuits of your combi boiler or white goods.

Why Combi Card or Card of Electronic Devices Burn?

The heat level and electronic settings of the boiler are regulated from the main board known as the combi card. We can also say that this part is the brain of the boiler in a sense. As with all other electronic cards, it is damaged by overvoltage known as voltage fluctuation. This is exactly the explanation of the failure known as combi card burn in colloquial language, which causes most of us to pay tons of money to authorized services.

Almost all of us have witnessed a card failure occurred in your combi boilers and sensitive white goods (refrigerator, dishwasher, washing machine, etc.) as a result of the fluctuations in the city networks. This situation is caused by the voltage of the city electricity network to be too low or too high.

In fact, you are very close to learning that there is another practical, affordable and guaranteed solution to this problem. Yes, this protection work has been undertaken by our product Mars M100 socket type voltage protector.

So how will Mars M100 voltage protector prevent the main board of your combi boiler or other white goods from being damaged by voltage?

Mars M100 model; If it is not between 165 or 245 volts, it will temporarily stop the transmission of energy to your boiler / white goods and protect the main board of the device to which it is connected. It tests the fluctuation of the voltage for 75 seconds and when it measures that it returns to normal, it returns the energy to your device.

It is very different from current protection devices on the market. It does not only work on the basis of current peak values, but also controls voltage drops and increases in voltage. Also a very important feature; It protects the electronic device to which it is connected with a very fast reflex even in lightning strikes. When it measures the electrical voltage that finds average values as it is automatically deactivated, it automatically switches on and continues to provide energy. This provides a very obvious advantage over competitors that have to be started manually.

You can now easily obtain this protective unit from our store with its very simple, affordable price advantage and small dimensions, which even those who need to have the boiler card repaired constantly give up because the boiler regulators are bulky and expensive.






RESPONSE TIME: 0.2 - 0.3 Sec.


Mars quality voltage protective socket

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