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Vaillant Vrt15 Wired Mechanical Room Thermostat Its mechanical nature ensures that it is not affected by digital losses. It is in the form of a dial that everyone can understand and use. It does not need batteries. Compatible with all combi boilers Room temperature control capability in the range of 10-30 ºC Easy to install on the wall Mechanical Room Thermostat On / off operation Wired connection Easy to use Cable Requirement: Requires Cable Connection Display Type: Manual (Manual Dial) Working..
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Galaxy X10 Wireless Digital Room Thermostat - WhiteGalaxy X10 Wireless Digital Room Thermostat - White
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Brand: Galaxy EnergyStock: In Stock
GALAXY ENERGY X10 WIRELESS ROOM THERMOSTAT The X10 room thermostat detects the temperature of the environment it is located in with its high-sensitivity NTC sensor, it opens and closes your heating device by comparing it with the desired value. It provides energy efficiency in your heating system in your living space, as well as providing you with an economical and comfortable heating. The most important feature of Galaxy Energy Brand Room thermostats is the quality of shooting from very long di..
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Brand: KasStock: In Stock
PEX CONNECTION UNION (METAL PIPE - MALE NIPPLES) In Pex pipe heating systems, it is the record that enables to switch from metal pipe to nipple male threaded connection. While connection is made in Pex installations, one side must be a metal pipe. It is also called as external threaded Nipple - Metal Pipe Connection Record. You can see the informative pictures about which product it represents in the diagram below...
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Vaillant Sludge Separator Filter
Brand: VaillantStock: In Stock
Vaillant Sludge Separator Filter What Does It Do? This device, produced for Vaillant brand condensing combi boilers, is a kind of filter installed under the combi boiler and on the radiator outflow side. It is generally used in installations where oxygen barrier-free pipes are used. But you can use your boiler and installation in any installation you want to protect from mud. This product is not a filter used to clean the dirt in the installation. Its main purpose is to prevent the muddy water c..
Kalde Radiator Valve - Corner - 1/2 '' - Light Type - EcoKalde Radiator Valve - Corner - 1/2 '' - Light Type - Eco
Brand: KaldeStock: In Stock
KALDE ECO CORNER RADIATOR VALVE WHAT DOES IT DO It is the valve that enables the radiators to be turned off and on. WHERE AND HOW TO USE It is used in panel radiators, cast iron radiators, aluminum radiators and towel radiators. In the PPRC installation, it is attached to the honeycomb by attaching to the end of the external threaded record. WHICH PROBLEM TO SOLVE? WHAT IS THE ADVANTAGE? It is the product that provides the control of your panel radiators. With the quality of the radiator valve, ..
Brand: KasStock: In Stock
RADIATOR CONNECTION PIPE - BRASS Pipe Length: 60 cm Tube Diameter: 16 mm These are the pipes used for the honeycomb top connection in Pex pipe heating installations. It has a flat tip. There is no record on the end. In addition, the record can be added and connected. It can be used by cutting...
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Brand: DemirdökümStock: In Stock
DEMİRDÖKÜM EXA CONTROL 7 WIRED ROOM THERMOSTAT Specifications Wired connection LCD Display Daily and weekly programming Precise temperature control (± 0.5 ° C) Temperature and time display Possibility to use with all DemirDöküm combi boiler models Compatible Models: Adonis Nepto Atron Nitron Plus Nitron Condense Atromix Nitromix Service and Installation Works - Initial start-up and installation must be done by the Authorized Services of the relevant company. Otherwise, the device will be out of ..
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Brand: BezeStock: In Stock
NATURAL GAS AND INSTALLATION SEALING PASTE 400 gr Katodix Sealing Paste Generally used in natural gas and water installations. It is a paste that is applied on the linen after the linen winding and makes it easier to tighten the threads opened with the thread and then fill the gaps of the linen and make it easier to seal. Main Features of Putty; Does not dry quickly Does not flow It provides sealing with the filling made between the teeth. Does not rot linen Prevents rusting Does not contain sol..
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Brand: BoschStock: In Stock
Bosch CR10 Wired Modulation Digital Room Thermostat BOSCH CR10 WIRED MODULATED ROOM THERMOSTAT * With cable connection * With Digital Display Fuel savings with modulating operation Control of room temperature and error codes on digital display Suitable for Bosch branded Class6000W, Classic Condense, Comfort, Comfort Condense, Condense 2500W model combi boilers. (Compatible with all combi boilers except Class2000 W)..
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