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Diatek 50x65 Aluminum Towel Warmer - 5 pipesDiatek 50x65 Aluminum Towel Warmer - 5 pipes
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Made of Diatek Quality Aluminum material. It adds elegance to the bathrooms with its long-term use and aesthetic appearance. It can be used not only in the bathroom but also in the kitchen. Decorative Aluminum Towel Warmer is easy to install. Since the Mounting Straps are chrome plated, they are pleasing to the eye. Generates more heat than normal towel radiators. Guaranteed product. Towel Rack Width: 47 cm Towel Warmer Pipe Connection Axis Spacing: 45 cm Towel Rack Height: 65 cm Number of Slice..
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RADIATOR CONNECTION PIPE - BRASS Pipe Length: 90 cm Tube Diameter: 16 mm These are the pipes used for the honeycomb top connection in Pex pipe heating installations. It has a flat tip. There is no record on the end. In addition, the record can be added and connected. It can be used by cutting...
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Eca RV3 Pex Chrome Corner Radiator Valve 1 / 2x16 mmEca RV3 Pex Chrome Corner Radiator Valve 1 / 2x16 mm
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ECA RV3 CORNER CHROME RADIATOR VALVE - Pex - Chrome Technicial Specifications MODEL: RV3PEX TYPE: CORNER DIAMETER: 1/2 "(The part that connects to the radiator) DIAMETER: Ø16 mm (the part that connects to the hose) COLOR: CHROMATED HEAD STANDARD: TS 579 WORKING PRESSURE: 10 BAR MAX.OPERATING TEMPERATURE: 120 ° C ECA CHROME PEX RADIATOR VALVE Valve Type: Corner Pipe Connection Type: Pex - Hose Connection Control Type: Manual - Manual Rotary Body Color: Brass - Bright Chrome Head Color: Plastic - ..
Hand-knitted Combed Cotton Rope Sleeve Bag PurpleHand-knitted Combed Cotton Rope Sleeve Bag Purple
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Brand: DiğerStock: In Stock
Mink Combed Cotton Rope Sleeve Bag Indoor Features Knitting Yarn Type: Combed Cotton Yarn Bag Color: Mink Geometry: Rectangle Handle Material / Size: Wooden Bead and Leather Mix Dimensions of the bag: 32x15cm Stock Code: cnt-pny-mor-321501 Explanation It is carefully prepared with a combed cotton rope by using the hand knitting method. Bag mouth can be closed with button apparatus made of its own rope. Due to the density of its texture in the bag, no lining was used. It is produced in a single c..
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Brand: BoschStock: In Stock
Bosch TR15 Wired Mechanical Room Thermostat RAA21 / BH Compatible with all combi boilers Room temperature control capability in the range of 10-30 ºC Easy to install on the wall Mechanical Room Thermostat On / off operation Wired connection Easy to use..
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Rocket Anchor Yellow- ø10 mm - (Package 500 Pieces)Rocket Anchor Yellow- ø10 mm - (Package 500 Pieces)
Brand: DiğerStock: In Stock
Rocket Anchor Yellow- ø10 mm (500 Pieces in Package) There are 500 Yellow Rocket Anchors in 1 Package. Diameter: Ø10 - 10 mm (10 cm) It is made of first quality plastic material. It can be used easily even in places where brick, hollow concrete and normal anchors are ineffective. It is especially strong for carrying pipes or heavy materials. It is a preferred dowel in heater installation, pipe installation, clamp mounting. It can be referred to as yellow rocket anchor...
White Teflon Tape - StandardWhite Teflon Tape - Standard
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WHITE TEFLON TAPE - SMALL SIZE Easy-to-use wrapped teflon tape to seal threaded plumbing materials. It is used in all threaded connections in liquid and air lines. It is suitable for drinking water lines. Use of For 1/2 "- 3/4" diameter pipes / threads, at least 2 layers should be wrapped. In 3/4 "- 11/2" diameter pipes / threads, at least 3 layers should be wrapped. In 11/2 "- 2" diameter pipes / threads, at least 4 layers should be wrapped...
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Cooker Flex Hose Flex Length: 125 cm Flex Diameter: 1/2 "-1/2" (DN15-DN15) Provides connection of furnaces with natural gas valves It is used in all installations where natural gas is used and the cooker valve is left. Your old furnace flex may miss natural gas. In order to prevent this leakage, furnace hoses should be changed at certain times. Frequently cleaned furnace hoses can also be damaged by chemical cleaners. The replacement and renewal of these will minimize the problems that may arise..
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Brand: DemirdökümStock: In Stock
DEMİRDÖKÜM EXA CONTROL E CABLE MODULATED DIGITAL ROOM THERMOSTAT Specifications Wired connection High savings thanks to modulated operation Precise temperature control ± 0.5 ºC LCD screen • Room temperature display • ErP Class V efficiency class • Compatible with Nitromix and Atromix Compatible Combi Boilers: Demirdokum Atromix Demirdokum Nitromix Service and Installation Works - Initial start-up and installation must be done by the Authorized Services of the relevant company. Otherwise, the dev..
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