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Radiator Plug 1/2


* With 1/2 "Male Thread. It is suitable for all panel radiators, towel radiators, aluminum radiators.
* The part that is tightened to the radiator is self-sealed. It can be squeezed without the need for extra linen or Teflon.

To replace the faulty plug in your radiator, you must close both valves. When removing your old plug, do not forget to put a container and cloth under the removed part, as some water will flow from the upper part of the radiator. Unscrew your old plug with an adjustable pliers, frog or wrench and tighten your new plug well. Open the valves and check for water leaks. If there is leakage, you should tighten it a little more.
If there is no leakage, check the bar level of your boiler water pressure. If your pressure has decreased, restore the pressure by giving water to your boiler.
It is especially used as a blind plug of Panel Radiators, but it can also be used as a normal blind plug. It is resistant to 10 bar pressure.

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