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In general it began operations MAY-TES Turkey in 1994 for heating, cooling, gas equipment sales and their commitment as 1995 began to operate in two groups of Turkish Iron Casting Uskudar aimed more powerful entry in the sector by the main dealer. Principle; It has reinforced it with the understanding of "happy customer means sales" and has adopted the principle of bringing the best service to the customer by raising a friendly and sincere personnel who provide good service. The increasing capital of the company with its increasing sub-dealers every year enables it to have a wider customer portfolio.
Within the company profile that expands every year; Central heating and cooling, Mechanical installation, ventilation, Natural gas infrastructure installation, Industrial natural gas, Large commercial and light commercial natural gas, Residential natural gas commitments are included. In the company, which has all the necessary team and equipment, experienced engineers, technicians and technicians and hard-working masters and journeymen provide services in the contracting group. As a company, MAYTES, which wants to maintain its respectable and leading position in the sector without sacrificing quality, and to progress step by step to its goals by preserving the trust of its customers, serves e-commerce customers in marketplaces such as and In 2020, opened its online sales to all its customers with its website and aimed to raise its superior service policy to the next level with its appropriate sales policy and various payment systems. You can always reach our company from anywhere and get information about the sector without hesitation.
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