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Baymak Logi Wireless Room Thermostat

Baymak Logi Wireless Room Thermostat
Baymak Logi Wireless Room Thermostat
Baymak Logi Wireless Room Thermostat
Baymak Logi Wireless Room Thermostat
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Baymak Logi Wireless Room Thermostat
Baymak Logi Wireless Room Thermostat
Baymak Logi Wireless Room Thermostat
Baymak Logi Wireless Room Thermostat
Baymak Logi Wireless Room Thermostat
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Baymak Logi is a wireless room thermostat. By adjusting the room thermostat to the required temperature, the user provides more comfortable and economical heating.
Product features:
Digital display room thermostat
0.5 C Temperature sensitivity control
0.1 C Temperature measurement accuracy
Temperature control range of 5-30 C
On / Off Controlled
Wireless connection
Dimensions> Thermostat: 85x85x27,5 mm - Receiver: 85x90x28,5 mm.
Battery Life and Feature: 1 year (2xAAA)
Operating Voltage> Thermostat (3V DC with 2xAAA Battery) - Receiver (220 V AC with short cable)

Mounting Information:
This thermostat, produced for Baymak combi boilers, is compatible with almost all combi boilers, as it operates with 220 volt supply and on / off switch. If only an important point is that your boiler is not Baymak, Baymak Service will not make installation and the warranty of your boiler and thermostat will be entirely your responsibility. Please decide to purchase by taking the risks of this item.
I Just Bought My Combi, If I Buy The Thermostat From You, Would It Require Service Fee?
In Baymak combi boilers, if your combi boiler will be started for the first time and for the first time, Baymak Service will activate your room thermostat free of charge while commissioning your combi boiler. The point to note here is that you should have the room thermostat part installed by the company that installs your boiler. If Baymak installs in your service room with screws, it may charge a fee.
I buy and use my Baymak Combi beforehand. I will just install the thermostat. How will the fee be?
Of course, if Baymak authorized service comes to install the room thermostat only, it will charge a fee. The price list may vary in this regard. The service can demand an assembly fee of between 50 TL and 80 TL. Before you can buy the thermostat here, you need to request the thermostat installation fee tariff in your region from the Baymak Center service.
Well, I understand about the assembly work / if I have a problem with someone I know, how is the exchange return?
If you have the room thermostats installed by yourself or someone other than the authorized service, all responsibility will remain with you. Unless the products are sent to Baymak Center by the service with their barcodes, you cannot request warranty, exchange or return. Therefore, we recommend that you get support from the Authorized Baymak Service for the installation and warranty services of the Baymak Room Thermostat that you will definitely use for your Baymak combi boiler.
I have a Baymak boiler. Is this room thermostat compatible with my boiler?
Among the Baymak combi models, it does not only fit the Baymak Novadens Extra Model. Except that one
It is compatible with Baymak brand, Lectus, Lpy, Duotec, Dpy, Startec, Idee, Luna, Eco models and series.
baymak logi wireless room thermostat

Room Thermostat Features
Cable Connection
Screen typeDijital
Working Principle
Program Hours
Internet connection

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