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Installation materials

Installation materials
Materials Required for Natural Gas Installation, Heating Installation and Plumbing Trend Material> Plumbing Materials category
Mars 32/10-180 Frekans Kontrollü Sirkülasyon PompasıMars 32/10-180 Frekans Kontrollü Sirkülasyon Pompası
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Brand: MarsModel: MRS32-10-180
Mars Frequency Controlled Circulation Pump Model: MRS32 / 8-180 Pump Size: 11/4 "- 18 cm Extra: 2 gifts for the pump record Mars circulation pumps, which have frequency conversion technology, determine its stage with its automatic frequency feature. It can increase or decrease the pump speed by meas..
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Difix Tüp Gres Yağı 50 gr (Çok Amaçlı)Difix Tüp Gres Yağı 50 gr (Çok Amaçlı)
Brand: DiğerModel: difix-gres-50
Difix Natural Gas Paste 50 Grams - Tube Putty Difix Natural Gas Paste Product features Gross Weight: 50 Grams Since it is in the tube, it provides comfortable use and prevents waste. Usage Areas: It is used in 1st, 2nd and 3rd type natural gas installations, LPG installations, Gas installations, Ho..
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