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Natural Gas Safety Equipment

Natural Gas Safety Equipment
All the materials required to use the natural gas installation safely and securely are waiting for you in this category.
Brand: TorkModel: GATORK01
Natural Gas Gas Leakage Alarm Device - Tork Gas Alarm Device is to detect natural gas or bottled gas in the environment and warn people with sound and LED lights. Tork Gas Alarm Device provides a high level of protection in terms of price and quality. Also called gas alarm detector. The gas alarm de..
Brand: DiğerModel: bant-ikaz01
Natural Gas Emergency Warning Tape (187 Written) - 20 cm x 250 meters It is sold as a ball. This tape is 20 cm wide, which is laid on the natural gas transit lines for a warning warning. 1 Ball is 250 meters. There are 187 natural gas emergency letters on it. It is at the standards accepted by gas d..
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