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Heating Materials

Heating Materials
Here is what you need in heating installation materials. Collectors, pex materials, pprc materials, sheathed pipes, underfloor heating pipes and many other heating installation materials are in this category.
Mab 3/4 Manyetik Kombi Filtresi Tam Geçişli Vanalar DahilMab 3/4 Manyetik Kombi Filtresi Tam Geçişli Vanalar Dahil
Brand: DiğerModel: MAB34
Renotto Magy Combi Magnetic Filter - Magnetic Dirt Holder With the Magnetic (Magnet) Combi Filter, you can bid farewell to the formation of iron powdered slime and sludge on the pump, heat exchanger and 3-way valves of your boiler. This product must be used in all combi boilers in Europe. It collect..
Pipe Holder U Clip (Package of 100 Pieces)Pipe Holder U Clip (Package of 100 Pieces)
Brand: KaldeModel: kalde-kilcik-250
PIPE HOLDER U-CLIP (U-CLAMP) Other name of pipe holder u-clip: Underfloor Heating Pipe Fixing Clamp. It is used to fix the pipe to the styrofoam or insulation board in underfloor heating installations. It is possible for the pipes to get rid of corks or clip plates during the installation of Pex pip..
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