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Brand: VaillantModel: VODA01
Vaillant Vrt15 Wired Mechanical Room Thermostat Its mechanical nature ensures that it is not affected by digital losses. It is in the form of a dial that everyone can understand and use. It does not need batteries. Compatible with all combi boilers Room temperature control capability in the range of..
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Brand: VaillantModel: Vmuslukb01
FILLING TAP HEAD (Plastic Part) * Screwless. * Color may vary depending on White, Gray or Black stock status. * Compatible with Vaillant Vuw model combi boilers. * Filling valve head..
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Vaillant Vuw Turbotec Combi Water Filling Tap (Yellow Brass Oring)Vaillant Vuw Turbotec Combi Water Filling Tap (Yellow Brass Oring)
Brand: VaillantModel: SUD03
VAILLANT WATER FILLING FAUCET It is the filling tap with the dial button that you use to pump water from your boiler to the heating system. Only suitable for VUW models in Vaillant boilers. With a screw, you can remove the old one and install the new one immediately. Boiler water filling taps can be..
Vaillant Sludge Separator Filter
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Brand: VaillantModel: v-çamur01
Vaillant Sludge Separator Filter What Does It Do? This device, produced for Vaillant brand condensing combi boilers, is a kind of filter installed under the combi boiler and on the radiator outflow side. It is generally used in installations where oxygen barrier-free pipes are used. But you can use ..
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