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Vaillant Sludge Separator Filter

Vaillant Sludge Separator Filter
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Vaillant Sludge Separator Filter
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Vaillant Sludge Separator Filter

What Does It Do?

This device, produced for Vaillant brand condensing combi boilers, is a kind of filter installed under the combi boiler and on the radiator outflow side. It is generally used in installations where oxygen barrier-free pipes are used. But you can use your boiler and installation in any installation you want to protect from mud. This product is not a filter used to clean the dirt in the installation. Its main purpose is to prevent the muddy water circulating in the plumbing system from turning into slime. It prevents the sludge from condensing into mud and collecting and damaging the combi boiler.

Its other name is Vaillant Sediment Trap.

Where to Install Vaillant Sludge Separator?

This product is installed in the direction of travel of the boiler. With a general and wrong perception, it is generally thought that it should come from the installation and be installed at the entrance to the boiler in order to protect the combi, but it must be installed on the installation side after exiting the boiler. Please review the picture and install accordingly.

In Vaillant condensing boilers, if your installation is old, if iron installation or straight pipe without oxygen barrier is used (under screed installations are generally straight pipes), installing this part on the heating flow line will prevent the formation of mud, sediment or mud in your installation. This device, produced by Vaillant, is compatible with all brands of combi boilers.

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