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Plumbing Sealing Linen - Hemp 1 Vineyard Features: Linen, used as a sealing element in water and natural gas installations, has a fibrous structure and of high quality. It is sold as a tie and a tie weighs an average of 200 grams. If you want to get it in kilograms, you should buy five ties. A tie plumbing hem is exactly sufficient for use in the plumbing threads of an average apartment. Linen quality is high. In wholesale purchases, the product price changes automatically...
Pipe Concealment Apparatus- ChromePipe Concealment Apparatus- Chrome
Brand: DiğerStock: In Stock
PIPE HIDDEN APPARATUS (Single) Chromed Color: Bright Chromed Our product, which is used for correcting the image of the pipe at the radiator outlet, is very easy to install. It consists of two parts and when these two parts are brought around the boron, they are fixed with notches that meet each other. If it is long, it can be shortened by adjusting to the desired size. If desired, the length can be shortened with a hair saw or a similar cutter. Its integrated length is fixed at 16.0 cm. Cross c..
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LARGE WHITE TEFLON TAPE Width: 19 mm Length: 40 meters Specification: 0.30 g / cm3 - 0.00228 g / cm2 Class: F / Frp (Fine Thread) Standard: Conforms to TS EN 751 -3 standards It is bigger than normal Teflones and longer. It is used in all threaded connections in liquid and air lines. It is suitable for drinking water lines. Usage: Wrap this product in the opposite direction of the screw in at least two layers on top of each other, with the least amount of tension in order to take the shape of th..
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Mars S10 Wireless Room Thermostat - Digital - BlackMars S10 Wireless Room Thermostat - Digital - Black
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MARS S10 WIRELESS ROOM THERMOSTAT The S 10 room thermostat detects the temperature of the environment with its high sensitivity NTC sensor, and compares it with the desired value, turning your heating device on and off. It provides energy efficiency in your heating system in your living space, as well as providing you with an economical and comfortable heating. PRODUCT FEATURES COLOR: BLACK WIRELESS ON / OFF CONTROL ULTRA PRECISION OPERATING MODE (0.2C) ANTI-FROST PROTECTION MODE LCD DISPLAY BAT..
Beykoç Fully Automatic Pipe Cutting ShearsBeykoç Fully Automatic Pipe Cutting Shears
Brand: DiğerStock: In Stock
FULLY AUTOMATIC PIPE CUTTING SHEAR We Added New Features to Our Scissors Bey-koç Automatic Pipe Cutting Shears, which are highly appreciated by the masters, have further developed our first model. In this model, you can also get the automatic throwing job after cutting manually. The cut is softer and the machine body is stronger. SUPERIOR FEATURES * Thanks to the patented mechanism of the Bey-koç Scissors, when the cutting process is finished, the blade automatically opens to the adjusted extent..
Galaxy M220 Otomatik Gerilim Koruyucu 30 Amper Yüksek ve Alçak Voltaj Koruma CihazıGalaxy M220 Otomatik Gerilim Koruyucu 30 Amper Yüksek ve Alçak Voltaj Koruma Cihazı
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Brand: Galaxy EnergyStock: In Stock
GALAXY ENERGY M220 VOLTAGE - VOLTAGE - CURRENT PROTECTOR This is a fuse type device. It provides protection in the circuits of the electronic cards of your Combi Boiler or White Goods. It has a mechanism that can adjust the unadjusted continuous voltage in the city network even if it is not at the standard level. Why Combi Card or Card of Electronic Devices Burn? The heat level and electronic settings of the boiler are arranged from the main card known as the combi card. We can also say that thi..
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Brand: VaillantStock: In Stock
FILLING TAP HEAD (Plastic Part) * Screwless. * Color may vary depending on White, Gray or Black stock status. * Compatible with Vaillant Vuw model combi boilers. * Filling valve head..
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Brand: KaldeStock: In Stock
TAP EXTENSION CHROME Diameter: DN15 - 1/2 " Color: Chromed Quality: 1st Class Length: 3.0 cm It is made of chrome and quality yellow brass material. Sometimes there is no space left for the installation of taps in the installation nozzle and mouths left in your installations. In such cases, you can use chrome faucet extensions to extend the taps inside the tiles. You can use it not only for faucet taps, but also in places where 1/2 "diameter radiator valves do not reach the cores. It is used for..
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Brand: DiğerStock: In Stock
Mechanical Type Wireless Room Thermostat General HT100 RF Model Wireless Rotary Switch Room Thermostat; In addition to wireless use, it makes a difference with the manual adjustment knob. With its precise measurement, it performs above mechanical thermostats. While the temperature measurement precision is 0.1 degrees, the operating precision is 0.50 degrees. It can also operate between 5 degrees and 35 degrees. Thermostat part is battery operated (2xAAA), Receiver part is electrical. (220 VAC) I..
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Baymak Logi Pro Wireless Programmable Room ThermostatBaymak Logi Pro Wireless Programmable Room Thermostat
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Brand: BaymakStock: In Stock
BAYMAK LOGI PRO WIRELESS PROGRAM ROOM THERMOSTAT Baymak Logi is a wireless room thermostat. It has the ability to program. By adjusting the room thermostat to the required temperature, the user provides more comfortable and economical heating. Product features: Large LCD Backlight Display Case Color: Black Touch Keys Daily and Weekly Program Comfort, Economy and Vacation Mode 0.5 ° C Temperature Sensitivity Control 0.1 ° C Temperature Measurement Accuracy 5-30 ° C Temperature Control Range On / ..
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