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Boiler Spare Parts

Boiler Spare Parts
Spare parts, accessories and equipment materials of combi boilers are in this category. Generally; Water filling taps, heat exchangers, buttons, boiler bottom connection materials, chimneys and many boiler spare parts are presented in this category.
Galaxy M220 Otomatik Gerilim Koruyucu 30 Amper Yüksek ve Alçak Voltaj Koruma CihazıGalaxy M220 Otomatik Gerilim Koruyucu 30 Amper Yüksek ve Alçak Voltaj Koruma Cihazı
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Brand: Galaxy EnergyModel: m220-30a
GALAXY ENERGY M220 VOLTAGE - VOLTAGE - CURRENT PROTECTOR This is a fuse type device. It provides protection in the circuits of the electronic cards of your Combi Boiler or White Goods. It has a mechanism that can adjust the unadjusted continuous voltage in the city network even if it is not at the s..
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Mab 3/4 Manyetik Kombi Filtresi Tam Geçişli Vanalar DahilMab 3/4 Manyetik Kombi Filtresi Tam Geçişli Vanalar Dahil
Brand: DiğerModel: MAB34
Renotto Magy Combi Magnetic Filter - Magnetic Dirt Holder With the Magnetic (Magnet) Combi Filter, you can bid farewell to the formation of iron powdered slime and sludge on the pump, heat exchanger and 3-way valves of your boiler. This product must be used in all combi boilers in Europe. It collect..
Combi External Flue Clamp - Gasketed Flue Fitting ClampCombi External Flue Clamp - Gasketed Flue Fitting Clamp
Brand: DiğerModel: BACAKEL05
COMBI CHIMNEY COMBINATION GASKET CLAMP It is the connection sleeve needed when attaching the boiler chimneys or bends end to end. It is used for sealing the outer parts of the boiler chimneys together with the gasket where they need to be brought to the end and added. It ensures that the boiler work..
Combi Chimney Hanger Clamp - TelescopicCombi Chimney Hanger Clamp - Telescopic
Brand: DiğerModel: bacakelepçe
COMBI CHIMNEY PIPE HANGER / CLAMP It is used for hanging Hermetic or Condensing Boiler and Geyser chimneys. It can be used for boilers and water heaters. It is a hanger bracket used to fix it to the ceiling or wall. The chimney fits perfectly to those with an outer chimney diameter of 100 mm. Height..
Combi Rubber Chimney Seal (Chimney Dust Seal)Combi Rubber Chimney Seal (Chimney Dust Seal)
Brand: DiğerModel: BACACONTA
COMBI CHIMNEY RUBBER GASKET It is the elastic seal required to close the chimney outlets for combi boilers and water heaters. This chimney rubber seal; Compatible with hermetic boilers, hermetic water heaters and condensing boilers. It can be easily attached to all combi boilers and water heater chi..
Combi Chimney Bird Filter - Black Chimney TipCombi Chimney Bird Filter - Black Chimney Tip
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Brand: DiğerModel: KUŞLUK01-siyah
COMBI CHIMNEY COVER It is a filter apparatus that is attached to the end of the combi boilers and water heaters. In combi boilers, it is the last part of the chimney facing the outer surface. It is attached to prevent foreign objects or birds from entering and nesting. Normally, it is a part that is..
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Brand: DiğerModel: 1523010003
Mechanical Type Wireless Room Thermostat General HT100 RF Model Wireless Rotary Switch Room Thermostat; In addition to wireless use, it makes a difference with the manual adjustment knob. With its precise measurement, it performs above mechanical thermostats. While the temperature measurement precis..
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Brand: DemirdökümModel: atromix-baca-set
DEMİRDÖKÜM ATROMIX ORIGINAL CHIMNEY SET It is the original Demirdöküm brand. Demirdöküm is suitable for Atromix brand full condensing combi boilers. It is not a chimney addition, it is a complete chimney set. Chimney outlet elbow and original end chimney are sent as a set. Inner Diameter: 60 mm Oute..
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